The LumenAire UV Air Disinfection Device

LumenAire BASIC - ALU6063


Our entry-level Plug & Play Air Disinfection devices are meant for general use in smaller spaces. It is portable and can easily be moved around even on tight corners. Its sleek, minimalist and patented design can integrate seamlessly with any modern contemporary space.

The LumenAire BASIC is the only full-fledged UVGI Air Disinfection device that you can put in your home, condo, office, clinic, hotel room, virtually everywhere.

Device Dimensions: 1200mmL x 120mmW x 150mmH x W=10.8kg

Download the BASIC Brochure

LumenAire Pendant - PLP ALU6063


The PENDANT is our dual-purpose light fixture and air disinfectant suitable for both residential and commercial use. Its slim form factor fits right to any location that needs the most disinfection. At home, it can be placed in the kitchen or dining area where microorganisms are mostly present.

In an office environment, you may be able to put the Pendant in reception areas, meeting rooms, pantry, and breakout areas as it is both decorative and functional.

Device Dimensions: 1200mmL x 120mmW x 150mmH x W=10kg

Technical Specifications


To calculate the quantity of fixtures required for your room or space, you can use our UV Air Disinfection Calculator.

  1. Measure the LENGTH multiplied by the WIDTH of the space and input on the Room Area box.
  2. Measure the HEIGHT of the space and input on the Room Height box.
  3. Select the number of persons in the room and pick on the OCCUPANTS box.  
  4. The Calculator will automatically generate the “VOLUME” in cubic meters required for the UV Air Disinfection. 
  5. Next is specify the required ACH or Air Change Per Hour, the default value is 2X meaning the Air will be totally disinfected every 30 mins. 
  6. This will determine the FLOW RATE.
  7. Select the FIXTURE TYPE you wish to install.
  8. The Result is the QUANTITY of the Fixtures required for a complete UV Air Disinfection. *(Round off to the nearest number for best results)
Disclaimer: The calculations are based exclusively on the fixtures produced by LumenAire.